About Pilates

Pilates effects – why is it good for us

  • considerably increases suppleness and flexibility
  • strengthens and tones muscles, especially abdominals, back, arms, thighs…..without growing massive muscles, which is something women appreciate in particular
  • relaxes, strengthens and improves joint functionality, especially of hips, shoulders, knees…
  • improves posture and reduces related backache
  • balances muscles
  • improves concentration, coordination and balance
  • teaches how to breathe more effectively, increases lungs capacity
  • affects prevention of incontinence
  • appropriate locomotive activity during osteoporosis
  • reduces stress
  • gives us space to become aware of our own body and body in motion

Who is it for

  • no age limit!
  • for women and men
  • for the overweight
  • for pregnant women
  • for women after giving birth
  • for people with sedentary jobs
  • for seniors
  • appropriate exercise when suffering from osteoporosis and other civilizational diseases
  • for those who cannot, for some reason, do any activities putting too much strain on the cardiovascular system
  • for sportsmen – as an additional exercise to sports and activities, primarily where the part of quality stretching and deep muscle engagement, as in ice hockey, rowing, athletics, basketball including one-sided sports, e.g. golf, tennis, canoeing and the like,  are neglected
  • for those who want to exercise with their own weight – ideal for growing firm, slender and long muscles without building up big muscles!
  • for dancers